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Women's and Gender studies are interdisciplinary, multi- and transdisciplinary area of research and studies, that one may study on basic and subject study levels in the University of Oulu (altogether 60 op). Competed studies may be included in various programs and degrees as courses or minor studies. Administratively Women's and Gender Studies are located to the Faculty of Education, but its courses are available for students in all faculties.

A starting point for Women's and Gender Studies has been researching and studying women's historical and societal position, but it has gradually extended to cover e.g. the diversity of gender and gender systems and other elaborations related to gender. Therefore several universities calls studies nowadays as Gender Studies instead of Women's and Gender Studies (WGS). WGS includes studies on men and queer studies and variety of areas concerning violence / non-violence promotion and gender equality. Examination of issues is aimed to be intersectional, which means how in addition to gender also sexuality, ethnicity, social class, age, disability etc. are factors, which may mean / signify the identity of people, their agency as well as their everyday life in various ways.

In Women's and Gender Studies research group at the University of Oulu a majority of the research deals one way or another with questions of learning, education and teaching but also environments that they take place. In our profile, the research based teaching areas have been violence / maltreatment and non-violence as well as research on principles for non-violence during the past fifteen years.

Women's and Gender Studies provide ability to recognize and analyze various women's and gender studies theoretical starting points, as well as their historical, cultural and methodological foundations, to analyze various developments, interaction etc. by using women's and gender studies theories and concepts including intersectionality. Students in Women's and Gender Studies are able to plan practical activities to promote gender equality and improve desegregation based on premisses such as a multiple positioning of agents. A foundation of expertise is the ability to reflect and to develop sensitivity in one's own activities and interaction in Women's and Gender Studies. In subject studies Women's and Gender Studies approach is more emphasised to theoretical and methodological questions.

Women's and Gender Studies at the University of Oulu are part of excellent national and international networks and it provides opportunities to take part of the studies abroad and to continue studies and research in various locations across the globe.

Last updated: 15.1.2013