Gender equality as multidimensional intra- and intersectional phenomenon

The thematic interdisciplinary research area “Gender equality as multidimensional intra- and intersectional phenomenon” is focusing on elaborating intersecting themes related to gender (in)equality. Topics address issues of de- and reconstruction of equality and transformation in educational institutions. Research area consists of studies from early childhood education to adult education and work life organization e.g. gender based (de)segregation; intersectional gender equality politics and policy analysis; elaboration and further development of indicators for equality. Equality is approached through focusing on supporting or challenging frames - including the questions of segregation, exclusion, discrimination, capabilities and participation. Interdisciplinary research on equality includes also the structural analysis of organizational policies, practices, processes and resources.

The most recent research projects relate to a contributing to further analysis on a) intersectional gender equality mainstreaming in education; and b) intersectional gender equality indicators in education. Research, education and development work has national and international levels:

National Gender Equality and Equity promotion – on-line training for teachers, in-service training was organized 2013-2014 with the funding of Finnish national Board of Education

A sate of segregation at Oulu Region aimed to map and crasp the current sitiation in gender segragation both in eduation and labormarket. Additionally the project drafted a proposal for desegragation activities to undertake in the region:

Nordic network on Gender Equality Promotion that received funding from the Nordic Councils of Ministers 2014 for mapping promising practices and 2015 for development and piloting the on-line education . The Nordic network consist of an interdisciplinary group of scientists which are geographically from remote locations from each other - Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Faroe Islands. The Nordic network and its main activities are introduced on the web-site:

Commitment to Democracy by increasing women’s participation - Code IWP - aimed to influence to the common idea of a political decision making by opening its doors for young and women:

Academic (Un)employment and Mobility in the Arctic North – A Joint Socially Responsible Approach 2018-2021 is Interreg Nord funded project coordinated by the University of Oulu, which has a special focus on employment policies and recruitment practices from a gender and diversity perspectives.

Keywords: citizenship, desegregation, gender equality, gender equality planning, intersectionality,

Researchers on this area
Vappu Sunnari
Mervi Heikkinen (PI)
Suvi Pihkala
Helena Parkkila
José Adán Cardona López
Jenny Selesniemi
Satu Haapanen

External collaborators
Tiina Suopajärvi
Firouz Gaini
Mia Heikkilä
Ole Bredesen Nordfjell
Bergljót Þrastardóttir
Cecilie Nørgaard

Last updated: 1.11.2018