Mobile Futures: Diversity, Trust, and Two-Way Integration

Mobile Futures

Mobile Futures is an interdisciplinary, action-oriented research project that strives to promote a fair and inclusive society through focusing on integration as a trust-based, two-way process. The project argues that an inclusive society is more resilient in the face of challenges brought by demographic changes.


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Research Council of Finland - Strategic Research Programme

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5 600 000 EUR

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  • Postdoctoral Researcher
    Outi Kähäri
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    Elina Turjanmaa

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Mobile Futures is an interdisciplinary, action-oriented research project that strives to promote a fair and inclusive Finnish society. The project argues that a more inclusive society is more resilient in the face of the challenges brought by demographic changes, for example, population ageing and the decrease in the number of working-age population. International migration can partially combat these challenges, but only if Finland builds societal preparedness for increased migration.

This can be done by refashioning Finland’s approach to integration by turning its focus on the whole society through improving institutional and social trust. Thus, the consortium works towards building good demographic relations in the society as a whole. To achieve this goal, the project employs the Living Lab methodology, through which solutions are jointly developed by the project researchers and partners. The project focuses on building trust through four Work Packages (WPs): trust in law (WP2), trust in information (WP3), trust in the labour market (WP4), and trust in everyday encounters (WP5).

Research conducted at the University of Oulu (UO) will take place in WP4 and WP5. The research group is located in the disciplines of history and gender studies. WP5, led by University Lecturer in Gender Studies Johanna Hiitola (UO) and Senior Lecturer in History Seija Jalagin (UO), examines social and institutional trust in everyday encounters in Oulu and Turku. The researchers involved in WP5 are Postdoctoral Researcher Zeinab Karimi (UO), PhD Researcher Iida Kauhanen (UO), Senior Research Fellow Eveliina Lyytinen (Migration Institute of Finland, MIF), Postdoctoral Researcher Liselott Sundbäck (Åbo Akademi University, ÅAU), and Postdoctoral Researcher Elina Turjanmaa (UO). In addition, Turjanmaa and Postdoctoral Researcher Outi Kähäri (UO) study and develop ways to combat structural racism in the labor market in WP4, steered by MIF.

The consortium is led by Magdalena Kmak (ÅAU), Professor of International Law. The deputy director is Johanna Leinonen (UO). The other work package leaders are Senior Researcher Daniela Alaattinoğlu (WP2, University of Turku), Professor Gunilla Widén (WP3, ÅAU), and Research Director Marja Tiilikainen (WP4, MIF). Director Saara Pellander (MIF) acts as Interaction Coordinator and Yasmin Samaletdin (ÅAU) as Project Coordinator of the consortium. The principal collaboration partners of the project are the Center for Expertise on Immigrant Integration (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment ), the Advisory Board for Ethnic Relations (ETNO Secretariat), Moniheli, and the Multicultural Centre Villa Victor, the City of Oulu.

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