Network for Gender Studies web courses during the spring 2014

Hilma – Network for Gender Studies is a cooperation project between seven gender and women’s studies units in Finland. The network offers web courses which are open to the students of the University of Oulu as well.

Courses during the spring 2014:

Gender and grassroots activism, Högback  & Nordling (3.2-16.3.2014  ) (5 op)
Kriittinen katse heteroseksuaalisuuteen, Raisa Jurva (3.2. - 23.3.) (5 op)
Sukupuolentutkimuksen metodologiaa, Anu Laukkanen & Emilia Karjula 10.3. -9.5.2014. (5 op)
Gender and development, Elina Oinas & Piia Lavila (12.03.-23.04.14) (5 op)
Mies teoriassa - kurssi, Kirsi Kinnarinen, 1.4- 16.5.2014 (5 op)                                                                                                    

More information about the courses can be found from the websites of the network before the end of the year.

To agree on  crediting, please contact Mervi Heikkinen , the contact person of the University of Oulu (mervi.heikkinen(a)

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