CFP: Future positive - Gender and Safety in Change

June 16,  2016 University of Oulu, Finland

Call for Papers

Recent cases of sexual harassment and other forms of behavior considered as sexist in relation to the asylum seekers in Europe have prompted discussions around gendered challenges of migration, and the security of individuals and societies at large. At the same time it is also crucial to remember that Finland has a long history of interaction-level violence, including sexualized violence. It is very important to arouse scholarly discussion on these issues and to set out measures that increase human safety.

The symposium is inspired by Martha Nussbaum’s ideas of human capabilities, and focuses, in particular, on bodily integrity. Nussbaum has listed ten fundamental human capabilities that should be guaranteed for every human being. Among these, bodily integrity, practical reason and affiliation, will be discussed in the symposium, with Martha Nussbaum herself.

The Future Positive Symposium welcomes case studies focusing on gender and bodily integrity from contemporary or historical perspectives. We prioritize gender-responsible and intersectional approaches, and approaches that include a perspective of positive change. What characterized or would be characterized as positive change? What is or has been – or would be – needed for a positive change? And what kinds of changes, more generally speaking, are needed for increasing women’s safety, and the safety of all human beings, in contemporary diverse localities?

Call for Papers is open from February 18th to March 18th, 2016.

Proposals from all disciplines will be considered, provided they make an original academic contribution. The abstracts (250–300 words) for oral papers (30 min) or posters should be submitted through an online submission system.

Please fill in the registration form including information on proposals for oral presentation or poster submissions.

An opportunity to publish a book of the symposium proceedings as full papers will be discussed in the symposium.

The symposium provides an opportunity to network and establish contacts with a community of colleagues engaged in this thematic area. In order to maximize the networking potential the event will include a poster session on Thursday, 16th of June at 9–11 am and a mingling with drinks and snacks right after the symposium at 17-19 o’clock.

The symposium is free of charge, and is supported by the University of Oulu.

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