Academic (un)employment and mobility in the Arctic North - A Joint Socially Responsible Approach

Project description

Academic (Un)employment and Mobility in the Arctic North – A Joint Socially Responsible Approach is a two-year project coordinated by the University of Oulu. The project promotes academic work-related mobility in northern Finland, Sweden and Norway. The aim of the project is to further the placement of university graduates for the Nordic labor market and to support the remigration of academically educated people to the region.

Research and innovation and the related expertise are key elements to develop industries in these Arctic areas. The removal of the highly skilled workforce from the area also weakens future prospects for development. The aim of this project is to slow this negative development trend in these regions. Interaction is promoted between the academic workforce and area labor markets with the development of higher education, university graduates and companies, more intensive cross-border networking and the development of flexible communication.

In the so-called Arctic Five universities, there is a strong and still highly evolving information and communications technology (ICT) sector, where there is also a need for expertise in the social and human sciences. During the project, information is collected regarding the needs of the region’s employers and the labor force to develop working life in a socially sustainable, responsible way.

Therefore we will invite HR actors to discuss in their employment policies and recruitment practices, as well as collaborate with them developing their employment policies and recruitment practices from a gender and diversity perspective.

Academic Cross-Border Mobility - Questionnaire:
During the 2019, our project is collecting information on mobility experiences and here is the report based on the findings written by Daniela Kangissoukpe:
Cross-Border Mobility report
Daniela is sharing her own mobility experiences - check this out!

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Project coordinator

University of Oulu


Luleå Tekniska Universitet (202100-2841)
Contact: PhD, Saila Piippola

Universitet i Tromsø - Norges arktiske universitet (970 422 528)
Contact: Professor Rasmus Gjedssø Bertelsen


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Mervi Heikkinen

University Researcher

Helena Louhela