OSA research focus area is changing northern built environment. There are three research groups: Smart Architecture & Construction, Smart City and Cultural Transformation.

The research groups Smart Architecture & Construction and Smart City are part of the multidisciplinary research community LUMINOUS.

Smart Architecture & Construction includes research in Adaptive Architectural and Urban Lighting, Housing studies and Digital Wooden Architecture, all are topics that have great research and implementation potential in the northern areas. Researchers: University lecturer Aulikki Herneoja (PI), prof. Matti Sanaksenaho, prof. Janne Pihlajaniemi, university teacher Henrika Pihlajaniemi, university teacher Petri Aarnio, university teacher Riikka Kuittinen, doctoral student Piia Markkanen, doctoral student Miia Mäkinen, doctoral student Virve Väisänen, doctoral student Toni Österlund

Smart City focuses on integrative urban and rural development, including integration of land use planning practices and solutions with innovation and inclusive growth strategies as well as health policies; all of these themes are noted in the EU research framework programs and national programs like INKA (Innovative Cities). Researchers: prof. Helka-Liisa Hentilä (PI), prof. Hennu Kjisik, post-doctoral researcher Sari Hirvonen-Kantola, post-doctoral researcher Emilia Rönkkö, doctoral student Leena Soudunsaari, doctoral student Tiina Hotakainen, doctoral student Hanna Kosunen, doctoral student Essi Oikarinen, doctoral student Jenny Rankka, doctoral student Tuulikki Tuominen

Cultural Transformation includes research activities linked to the renovation and restoration of built heritage and other historical environments. The sustainable transformation of the built heritage is a challenge in rapidly developing parts of the world, including arctic areas. Researchers: prof. Anna-Maija Ylimaula, university lecturer Anu Soikkeli, university teacher Özlem Özer-Kemppainen, doctoral student Helena Hirviniemi, doctoral student Riikka Lumme, doctoral student Kari Niskasaari, doctoral student Laura Sorri


Last updated: 14.9.2015