The diploma thesis completes the master’s degree studies. The student may proceed to the diploma thesis after having completed 90 ECTS of the master level studies. The extent of the diploma thesis is 30 ECTS credits. The student defines the contents of his diploma project. The work is made independently by the student under the supervision of one of the professors of the School of Architecture. The final outcome of the work is displayed in the exhibition hall of the school one week before the presentation and evaluation in the public diploma seminar.

Students who have completed all the studies required for the Bachelor's, Master's, Licenciate’s or Doctor’s degree should apply for the degree certificate by filling out a online form at the OSAT system, at the latest four weeks before the anticipated graduation day (see the deadlines below). Degree certificate application form is available on our web site: Forms and guides

Bachelor's seminar is held once every academic year in May. In the spring semester 2019 the Bachelor's seminar dates are: Mon - Wed 13.-15.5.2019

Diploma seminars at the Oulu School of Architecture are held twice on each autumn semester and twice every spring semester. Diploma seminar dates are: Autumn semester 2018: 26.9.2018 and 21.11.2018. Spring semester 2019 dates are: Wed 27.2.2019 and Mon- Tue 27. - 28.5.2019

During the academic year 2018 - 2019 degree certificates are awarded according to the below schedule (Faculty of Technology):

Deadline of the submission of the degree certificate application
Gradyation Day /Graduation Ceremony
mon 20.8.
thu 20.9.
mon 17.9.
thu 18.10.
mon 22.10.
thu 22.11.
mon 19.11.
wed 19.12.
Deadline of the submisison of the degree certificate application
Gradyation Day /Graduation Ceremony
mon 17.12.
thu 24.1.
mon 14.1.
thu 21.2.
mon 11.2.
thu 21.3.
mon 18.3.
thu 18.4.
tue 23.4.
thu 23.5.
mon 13.5.
tue 18.6.





Last updated: 9.11.2018