Eva Haggrén, Kalasatama gate, Contemporary Architecture V

Contemporary architecture

The objective of the curriculum of the Contemporary Architecture teaching unit in the first two years of the bachelor level is to convey the basics of contemporary architecture. The student is guided through lectures to understand the central concepts of architecture: space, form, structure, materials and colors as well as the functional interaction between the building and its users. Through personal design projects the theory taught in the lectures is applied in a studio setting. In third year and on master level the curriculum continues teaching contemporary architecture, design and architectonic problem solving. Designing public buildings forms the practical aspect of the teaching.

The curriculum of studies in contemporary arhcitecture is design oriented, in which exercises play a central role. Exercises are quite extensive and challenging, and completing them requires long term commitment and focus on the subject of the exercise. Personal guidance and mid-critiques maintain the design projects momentum while simultaneously more general questions of architecture and design arise. The objective of the exercises is to give students tools for creative design, to introduce students to architectural concepts and the design process. Exercises also include supporting lectures.

Academic staff:

Professor Rainer MAHLAMÄKI, architect MSc

Professor Matti SANAKSENAHO, architect MSc

University lecturer Aulikki HERNEOJA, architect Dr.Tech

University teacher Ari JÄRVINEN, architect MSc

University teacher Riikka KUITTINEN, architect MSc

University teacher Henrika PIHLAJANIEMI, architect MSc, doctoral student

Doctoral student NN

Teacher of art studies Moosa MYLLYKANGAS, Master of Fine Arts

Assistant teacher Antti KARSIKAS, architect MSc

Assistant teacher Timo LEIVISKÄ, architect MSc

Assistant teacher, Miia MÄKINEN, architect MSc, doctoral student

Assistant teacher Merja PESONEN, architect MSc

Assistant teacher Virve VÄISÄNEN, architect MSc

Last updated: 31.8.2015