Laboratory of Building Performance and Construction

The teaching unit of Building Performance and Construction at the Department of Architecture is responsible for teaching practical design work and the “know-how” needed for it. Courses run by the unit are in the fields of building science, structural design, building physics and technical installations.
The objective of the teaching is to introduce the student to building science in general, and to offer practical knowledge about building science, building techniques and economics as well as training in building design needed in architectural work. Teachings aim to show the connection between architecture and construction, how building art is created through the architectonic idea and concept of space, building science and the technical design process. Students are encouraged to immerse themselves in the relationship between material and architecture and to develop their architectonic concepts into architecture.

Academic staff:

Professor Janne PIHLAJANIEMI, architect Dr.Tech

University teacher Petri AARNIO, architect MSc, doctoral student

Lecturer Jari HEIKKILÄ,

Assistant teacher Pertti HARTIKAINEN, architect MSc

Assistant teacher Asko KILPELÄINEN, architect MSc

Assistant teacher Tiina KOMULAINEN, architect MSc

Assistant teacher Timo LEIVISKÄ, architect MSc

Assistant teacher Seppo MÄKINEN, civil engineer MSc

Assistant teacher Pentti KUUROLA, engineer (HPV)




Last updated: 1.9.2015