Codes and downloads



  • The Oulu Multi-pose Eye Gaze (OMEG) Dataset - The dataset includes 200 image sequences from 50 subjects for eye gaze analysis
  • OUTEX - a framework for empirical evaluation of texture classification and segmentation algorithms
  • OuluVS database - video and audio data for visual speech recognition
  • OuluVS2 database - a multi-view audiovisual database. It contains video recordings from 52 subjects speaking three types of utterances: continuous digit strings, short phrases and TIMIT sentences. Speakers were filmed from 5 different views simultaneously, resulting in more than 20k video recordings
  • Oulu-CASIA NIR&VIS facial expression database  - facial expression data captured with two imaging systems, NIR (Near Infrared) and VIS (Visible light)
  • SPOS database - spontaneous and posed facial expressions database
  • SMIC database - spontaneous micro-expressions database


For more codes (including implementations for LBP and it's variants) and databases, please see the archive page.


Last updated: 20.6.2018