Codes and downloads



  • The Oulu Multi-pose Eye Gaze (OMEG) Dataset - The dataset includes 200 image sequences from 50 subjects for eye gaze analysis
  • OUTEX - a framework for empirical evaluation of texture classification and segmentation algorithms
  • OuluVS database - video and audio data for visual speech recognition
  • OuluVS2 database - a multi-view audiovisual database. It contains video recordings from 52 subjects speaking three types of utterances: continuous digit strings, short phrases and TIMIT sentences. Speakers were filmed from 5 different views simultaneously, resulting in more than 20k video recordings
  • Oulu-CASIA NIR&VIS facial expression database  - facial expression data captured with two imaging systems, NIR (Near Infrared) and VIS (Visible light)
  • SPOS database - spontaneous and posed facial expressions database
  • SMIC database - spontaneous micro-expressions database
  • Oulu task-driven saliency dataset – saliency data package based on the task-driven eye tracking dataset with saliency maps, ground truth maps, and corresponding tasks


For more codes (including implementations for LBP and it's variants) and databases, please see the archive page.


Last updated: 1.7.2019