Physiological Signal Analysis Group

Individualised healthcare is a recent global megatrend aiming to improve health and wellbeing. We are developing breakthrough technologies to tackle key challenges including next generation signal analysis techniques towards personalized medicine and wellness solutions.

Contact information

Research group leader

  • Professor
    Tapio Seppänen

Research group description

The mission of the Physiological Signal Analysis Team is to carry out top-level basic, applied and translational research in biomedical engineering. The aim is to develop, apply and evaluate novel biomedical measurement technologies in health and wellbeing. The research focuses on measurement of physiological phenomena associated with:

  • cardiovascular system
  • respiratory system
  • central nervous system and autonomic nervous system
  • affective system / emotions

Our research is multi-disciplinary and is carried out in collaboration with hospitals and industry partners in Finland and abroad. We use large clinical materials for method development and validation. Large-scale cohorts, digital biobanks and other emerging digital repositories of health data are increasingly important data sources for our research. Our research addresses future e-health systems where big data analytics combined with sensitive health data offers many opportunities but also challenges concerning, for example, privacy and security.
The research profile is based on linking information technology and medicine, with an aim to utilize methodologies of information engineering, signal and image processing, pattern recognition, biophysics, medical imaging, applied mathematics, simulation, biomedicine and clinical medicine.

Research areas