Face Recognition

In 2004, we proposed an approach to facial representation based on LBP features. The face image is divided into  regions from which the LBP features are extracted and concatenated into an enhanced feature vector to be used as a face descriptor. This approach is  one of the milestones in face recognition research, receiving the prestigious Koenderink Prize at ECCV 2014 for fundamental contributions in computer vision that stood the test of time. It has been adopted and further developed by many groups and companies around the world. In 2007, the face descriptor was extended  to videos using spatiotemporal LBP-TOP operators to describe facial dynamics, Also this approach has been adopted by many others. 

In face biometrics, our current key focus of research is in developing effective methods for anti-spoofing. Another area of the recent research is soft biometrics, with an aim to develop robust methods, e.g. for gender recognition, age estimation and kinship verification from facial images.


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Last updated: 22.8.2016