CMVS ended year 2016 with 35 anniversary celebrations and IPTA conference

MVG 35 year anniversary 16.12.2016

Machine vision is one of the internationally strongest fields of research in University of Oulu. Machine Vision Group (MVG) operating within the research unit Center for Machine Vision and Signal Analysis (CMVS) celebrated its 35th Anniversary with a seminar on Friday 16.12.2016 in Saalasti Hall at University of Oulu.

The Anniversary seminar consisted of invited talks given by experts who have achieved their PhD from the research group. The speakers included Head of Analytics, Timo Ahonen (Nokia Technologies USA), Specialist, Olga Kayo (Nokia Networks), Docent Abdenour Hadid   (University of Oulu), Professors Heikki Ailisto (VTT) and Visa Koivunen (Aalto University), and Professors of University of Oulu Olli Silven and Juha Röning. Industrial viewpoint of machine vision was presented by Topi Mäenpää (Kuvio Automation) while Associate professor Guoying Zhao (University of Oulu) gave insight to working as an international researcher in the University of Oulu.

In addition, talks were given by representatives of machine vision group’s central international and domestic collaborators Professor Rama Chellappa (University of Maryland, USA), Professor Erkki Oja (Aalto University) and Professor Jussi Parkkinen (University of Eastern Finland).

Machine vision and image processing methods are central in the research where applications for human machine interaction, human emotion recognition and user centric services are developed for different kinds of environments such as cities, transportation, homes, internet, social networks and virtual worlds.

Among the highlights of the machine vision research in the University of Oulu is the Local Binary Pattern (LBP) methodology and its application to face recognition, which is one of the most cited Finnish ICT research results worldwide. The micro-expression research of MVG is among the international pioneers of the field, results of which can be applied for recognizing hidden emotions. Also, the methods for biometric face anti-spoofing developed in the group have recently received major recognition from the research community.

The group's annual Infotech reports from 1997 to 2015 have been collected together for the celebrations and are available here


International machine vision experts gathered in Oulu for the IPTA 2016 conference 12.–15.12.2016

International Conference on Image Processing Theory, Tools and Applications (IPTA) conference was organized 12.–15.12.2016 in Oulu. The conference attracted many top experts of machine vision and image processing research with nearly 140 participants from 33 countries. The central themes of the conference included machine learning, pattern recognition as well as image and video formation, processing and analysis.

The conference took place in Hotel Lasaretti and was organized by the Center for Machine Vision and Signal Analysis.


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