Newspaper article on Xiaobai Li’s doctoral thesis work

Kaleva, the local newspaper in Oulu Region has published an article on reading subtle information from human faces. The article is based on an interview and doctoral study of Xiaobai Li, who will defend her thesis on 18 September in Kontinkangas.

The article describes how in Li’s work, computer vision methodologies are used to analyse micro-expressions and the heartbeat, which are difficult to detect by humans.

The article introduces futuristic use of the methodologies, for instance, in business negotiations, employee recruitment, security control and elderly care.

As one of the most important outcomes of the dissertation the article mentions collecting a database of human micro-expressions that can be used in further research. Future plans include combining micro-expression, perhaps other subtle signals of the face, and heart rate analysis in order to make monitoring applicable for health care purposes.

The article is published in Kaleva on September 8, 2017.  The full article is open for free reading until September 15 at

A summary is available on the web

Details of the defense and link to Xiaobai Ling’s dissertation can be found at:

Last updated: 13.9.2017