CMVS has been successful in Academy of Finland ICT 2023 calls

CMVS has succeeded well in the latest funding decisions made by the Academy of Finland. We obtained two two-year projects from the ICT 2023 research program, one is in  Industrial internet theme and the other is in Computation, machine learning and artificial intelligence theme.

The industrial IoT themed project, led by Prof. Olli Silvén and Prof. Markku Juntti (CWC-RT)  aims at solutions to meet the data acquisition, analysis, and wireless communications requirements of applications in industrial mechanical systems, including internal combustion engines, electric generators, and transmissions,  by optimizing computation and connectivity with self-learning.

The funded project in Computation, machine learning and artificial intelligence theme, led by Associate Prof. Guoying Zhao, plans to initiate the new separable modality learning (SML) as a new sub-field of machine learning and focus on mimicking the human cognitive phenomenon of `multi-modal learning and missing modality in prediction' in designing computational models.

Last updated: 10.11.2017