Facilities in Optoelectronics and Measurement techniques Laboratory

State-of-the-art inert gas organic/inorganic device fabrication line, which contains:

  • Sample preparation spaces, spin coating devices, thermal evaporation system, sputtering deposition system, fully equipped OLED/OPV measurement system.
  • OLED and OPV measurement system: A flexible concept of the system provide a comprehensive tool for advanced measurements of organic/inorganic electronics parameters. The IV test system is designed for in-depth functionality testing of photovoltaics devices. For OLED testing a broad variety of optical sensors, including photodiodes, color sensors, or luminance cameras can be used as detectors.
  • Class AAA solar simulator system with certification of both National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the International System of Units (SI). Unique, automated spectroradiometric measurement system configured for performing device spectral response, reflectance and External/Internal Quantum Efficiency measurements.
  • Ink-jet material printers designed to accurately dispense a wide range of fluid types in micro-amounts for demanding imaging and fabricating applications. Each cartridge has 16 nozzles with typical drop sizes of 1 and 10 picoliters.
  • Maskless lithography system for applications like MEMS, BioMEMS, Integrated Optics, Micro Fluidics or any other application that requires high precision and high resolution microstructures. This tabletop system represents the perfect tool for writing features down to 1 μm on areas of up to 30 x 30 mm2. It provides an easy and fast way to create the microstructures needed research.
  • Contact angle measurement system - ink fabrication and viscosity systems. Systems capable to determine contact angles, surface free energies on different solids and interfacial tensions of liquids with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Light microscope Eclipse LV100DA-U (Nikon, Japan), ContourGT-K0 3D optical microscope (Bruker, Germany), Scanning electron microscope JCM-5000 (JEOL, Japan)
  • Semiconductor device analyzer, electrochemical analyzer.  Plasma, ultrasonic and UV-treatment devices, scales and oven dryer
  • Spectrophotometer system (Optronic Laboratories, USA) with integrating spheres, Fourier spectrophotometer FT-801 (Simex, Russia), Refractometer Atago DR-M2 1550 (Atago, Japan)
  • LASERS: Ti: sapphire tunable laser Chameleon Vision-S (Coherent, USA), Supercontinuum fiber laser SuperK Extreme (NKT Photonics, Denmark), Ti: sapphire laser TISSA-50 (CDP Corp., Russia), Solid-state tunable pulsed laser Opolette HE 355 II (Opotek, USA), Nd: YAG laser Brio (Quantel-Brio, France), Diode module ILM-L3IF-300 (LeadLight Technology, Taiwan), GaN laser, HeNe laser
  • Femtosecond autocorrelator 41B, Pulse picker OG8-1-1 (CDP Corp., Russia), Streak camera C5680-22 (Hamamatsu, Japan), Spectrometer AQ-6315E, Spectrometer WaveStar V
  • (Ophir Optronics, Israel)
  • Photoacoustic measurement system (Russia)
  • Optical Coherence Tomography, OCT: Spectral-domain OCT (Thorlabs, USA), with Doppler modality, Time-domain OCT (Institute of Applied Physics, Russia), Time-domain ultrahigh-resolution femtosecond OCT (home-made), Home-made time-domain Doppler OCT
  • Fiber optic self-mixing interferometer for measuring refractive index change in liquids.
  • Optical tweezers is a contactless tool for manipulating microscopic particles and cells. A light beam is tightly focused with a high NA microscope objective to a small spot. The light beam intensity gradients generate forces and trap small particles under this illumination.
  • Laser (Viasho VA-II-N-1064), 1064 nm wavelength
  • Water immersion objective (Olympus LUMPLFL100XW/1.00)
  • CCD-camera (LCL-902K, Watec America Corp.)
  • Motorized xy-stage (Thorlabs MAX201)
  • The laser is Q-switched pulsed Nd:YAG laser, Quantel, Brio.


  • Bilog antennas: HL562, Chase CBL6112
  • Horn antennas: HF906, 2 X 3160-3, 2 X3160-5, 2 X3160-7, 2 X 3160-9
  • Loop antenna: ETS Lindgren 7604
  • Electric field probe ETS-Lindgren HI-6005
  • Antenna mast
  • LISN Chase MN2053B
  • EMI test receiver ESCS30 (Rohde&Schwarz)
  • Schaffner BEST EMC V2.7 EMC-testing device
  • Schaffner INA 711 EMC-testing device
  • Schaffner NSG5271Battery simulator
  • Schaffner PNW 2003 Conducted Immunity EMC Test System
  • Schaffner CDN 500 Couplers Coaxial Hardware
  • Schaffner NSG 5000 EMC Test System for Automotive Electronics
  • Schaffner NSG5003 Burst Generator
  • Schaffner NSG 5005A High Energy Pulse Generator
  • Schaffner NSG 2050 High Energy Pulse Generator System
  • Network Analyzer Rohde & Schwarz ZVB20  (up to 20 GHz)
  • Spectrum Analyzer Anritsu MS2687 (up to 30 GHz),
  • Spectrum Analyzer Anritsu (up to 6,5 GHz)
  • Spectrum Analyzer Advantest R3267 (up to 8,6 GHz)
  • Amplifier Research, AR RF Amplifier
  • Kalmus EMC Amplifier 713FC (Power Output: 15 Watts,Frequency Range: 10 - 1000 MHz)
  • Testing laboratory equipment includes the JTAG 3705 Explorer with 1149.4 capabilities, Rohde Schwarz ZVB20 network analyzer and Hioki 3522-50 LCR HiTester. In addition basic laboratory equipment like multimeter's, powers and oscilloscopes etc...


Last updated: 8.8.2014