Application documents

Here you can find information on how to submit your documents.

Important information concerning educational documents

During the application period you must upload copies of your educational documents, proof of language skills, and other attachments on your electronic application. Please note that the University of Oulu does not evaluate application documents before the application period!

After you have been accepted, you must remember to verify your documents. Verification may take time, so please make sure you begin the process well in advance! If you do not verify your documents by the verification deadline, you will lose your study place.

Which documents to submit and when?

What are educational documents

Official translations

If your educational documents are issued in a language other than English, Finnish or Swedish, official translations of them to one of these languages are required. Officially certified copies of the original documents must also be submitted. An official translation must be one of the following:

  • issued by the awarding institution

  • an officially certified copy issued by the awarding institution translated by an official translator

  • an officially certified copy of a translation made by an official translator

Each page of an official translation must bear the translator’s stamp and/or signature. Official translations must be exact translations of the original documents. Translations done by the applicant themselves are not accepted.


Some programmes at the University of Oulu use SAT, GMAT or GRE tests in their student selections. Please read the selection criteria for your own programme carefully and ensure you complete the test on time to provide us with the results before the deadline. 

Where to send your paper documents

If you send us documents by post, please use the following address:

Registry Office
University of Oulu
P.O.Box 8000
90014 University of Oulu

Contact number for courier services when sending your documents: +358 294 484 108.

Please note that this number is for courier services only and that there is no admissions guidance available in this number.


When you send a consignment of documents to Finland:

  • Send the consignment of documents as a letter. Do not send it as a parcel.
  • Do not determine a value for the letter, when sending it. Do not indicate even the amount paid for a passport to the authorities, such as the amount of stamp duty, or the value of the concluded insurance for the consignment.  
  • If the country of dispatch requires the consignor to determine a value for the consignment of documents, the value is zero (euros or other currency).
  • The goods description for the consignment should be, for example, documents.

For further information regarding the consignment of documents to Finland, please contact Finnish Customs directly.