Student Life

How is Oulu like as a study destination? Read about student life and study practices at the University of Oulu, testimonials from current students.

Welcome to UniOulu

What is it like to study at the University of Oulu? We have produced a series of thematic episodes to help you in orientating to your studies and student life in Oulu.

You can find all pre-orientation episodes on YouTube, and direct episode links below.

For getting even more insight and support in making your study choice, we recommend you to read blog posts made by our student ambassadors on various aspects of student life in Oulu.

Living the Arctic attitude

“To me, Arctic attitude is perseverance. It takes perseverance to build such a high quality research environment at such a high latitude. Both the university and the city of Oulu provide an amazing infrastructure for living and studying. So, considering these, Arctic attitude is reality in our lives.” - Francisco

In Oulu nature is always at your fingertips. Skiing and jogging tracks are never far away, and the bicycle network is vast - the city has more than 600 km of roads for bicycle traffic. Winter biking is also popular, and Oulu has been ranked as the best winter biking city in the world.

Oulu is located just a two-hour drive from the Arctic Circle and the Finnish Lapland. Northern lights can be spotted in wintertime in Oulu, and the four seasons make a distinction to leisure activities to enjoy from.

“There are always tons of events to participate in. I have a very nice ‘Kummi’ family here, they actually gave me a winter coat as a gift, to survive the weather. I’m also very connected to the nature here, walking and taking bike rides in my free time. Biking is fun and easy here, everything is accessible by bike, often faster than a car. ” - Tharaka

Student life at the University of Oulu is active. Both on campus and off-campus, students have a chance to participate in inexpensive clubs and organisations, and many different types of leisure time and sports activities.

Becoming active in one of our student associations is a great way to make friends.

University of Oulu's Kummi Family Programme connects our international students with local families. Participants receive an enriching intercultural experience with the opportunity to spend time together and engage in various activities.

Urban, yet a safe place to study in

City of Oulu offers space and nature close by for relaxing and keeping distance, if needed. In fact, Oulu has been voted several times as the safest place to study in an international student barometer.

Study practices

“Here students have a lot of personal freedom. We learn a lot from lecturers, but also a lot through studying autonomously and in groups. Discussions stick with you for a long time, I think that collaboration and conversation are very efficient. The University of Oulu wants the students to learn for life, not just for the exam.” – Vinay

Belonging to the academic community is made easy at the University of Oulu. Many international students appreciate the low hierarchy between professors and students, and the availability of teachers for consultation. Even though university level studies require taking initiative from students, there are many forms of peer-to-peer-support and guidance from teachers.

“The culture at the University of Oulu nurtures the student. You bear great independent responsibility for your studies but on the other hand, you have professors who are approachable and dedicated to their work, and are always open for consultations. I have friends and student colleagues who are friendly, helpful and willing to help me succeed. We grow together, I feel.” - Vy

Services for students

Student housing

Affordable and accessible, that is how student accommodation is like in Oulu described in short. Within Finland we have the lowest rental rates in both student housing and private rental market.

Get more information about student housing and locations from the student housing provider PSOAS website, link below.

Support and well-being

University of Oulu supports your studies in many ways throughout your study path. Student and career counselors as well as study psychologists are available to students, who seek guidance and support during their studies.

Spaces for studying and collaboration

Engaging study environments are available at both campuses. Get to know how the collaborative spaces and events at Tellus Innovation Arena can boost your studies.

Learn more of how sustainability is taken into account and action at our campuses.