Would you like to study in Finland under the Northern lights?

University of Oulu is a well-ranked Nordic science university - one of the northernmost in the world - educating future professionals to build a more sustainable, intelligent and humane world.

Every year, nearly 4 000 new students start their studies at the bachelor's, master's or doctoral level to pursue a degree or for an exchange period. Would you like to be one of them?
A student is standing in a garden and thinking. His eyes are closed. An arch appears on top of his head stating Oulu, always a good idea.

Oulu, always a good idea

I would like to think everything is possible.

I would like to swim in the sea whether it is summer or winter.

I would like to see opportunities everywhere, adventures here and there.

I would like to think I can find my own path. Be a part of something unique, find my own crew at the University of Oulu, where future pioneers are educated to build a more sustainable, intelligent, and humane world.

Oulu, always a good idea.

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University of Oulu offers 23 international degree programmes taught in English, two at bachelor's level, while the rest are two-year master's programmes.

University of Oulu Graduate School offers four doctoral training programmes.

If you would like to visit us as an exchange student, see the section telling about incoming student exchange to get more information.

Top reasons to study in Oulu

Our university’s global impact is based on scientific breakthroughs, new technology and world-class innovations. Our 65,000 alumni are participating in society as well-educated citizens and employees around the world.

University of Oulu

  • The University of Oulu offers a high-quality learning experience to its students (ISB Ranking 2023).
  • International students are particularly pleased with the guidance and counselling offered to them and the quality of accommodation.
  • A well-ranked science university solving global problems with its cutting-edge research. For example, in THE World University Rankings, University of Oulu is among the top 251–300 universities.
  • The non-hierarchical relationship between students and teachers is one of our strengths. Belonging to the academic community is made easy for students.
  • The city of Oulu offers balanced student life in clean, safe, nature-like yet urban surroundings where you can enjoy personal freedom.

Read more about rankings and our core research areas.

What is it like in Oulu?

But where is Oulu?

That's the question we hear quite often, and the answer is - basically everywhere! The reason behind this is that every day, three billion people are using technology developed in Oulu.

The Oulu region is home to 250,000 people making it the largest urban center in northern Scandinavia. Oulu is a combination of beautiful, northern nature, vivid cultural life and modern technology. Oulu is also known for its highly educated people and friendly, easy-going atmosphere. As a highlight, Oulu will act as the European Capital of Culture in 2026.

Starting your studies and journey in Oulu is an exciting new phase in your life. Read what our students and alumni say to get insight and recommendations.

Tackling the climate change

We promote sustainable development through education, research, societal interaction and campus development.

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We recommend you to make your enquiry according to the education level you have in mind. Contact our Admissions team for bachelor and master degree studies. If you have questions about doctoral training, send your request to the University of Oulu Graduate School.