BSc thesis topics in Energy and Environmental Engineering

The researchers of our group supervise topics related to energy, waste management and sustainability issues. Contact person for general questions about making of BSc thesis is Jenni Ylä-Mella. The thesis can be written either in Finnish or in English

Thesis topics by themes and supervisors

The following listing includes BSc thesis themes, which can be supervised by our researchers. If you are interested of a certain theme, contact the supervisor to find out, what topics are available and how you can start your thesis work. If you have already a topic or you have other questions about writing a BSc thesis in our group, please contact Jenni Ylä-Mella.

Subjects related to energy:

Supervisor: Jari Pulkkinen

  • Renewable and carbon free energy
  • Decentralized energy production
  • Heating and energy consumtion of buildings
  • Energy systems in cities
  • Smart and sustainable cities
  • Smart devices and smart energy technologies

Supervisor: Antonio Caló

  • Nuclear energy
  • Small modular nuclear reactors
  • Energy-water Nexus

Supervisor: Jean-Nicolas Louis

  • Water-energy-food-material-climate nexus on future life cycle assessments/inventories
  • Inter-dependence of the energy system
  • Smart energy technologies material use
  • Smart readiness indicators for buildings
  • Energy Performance of Buildings Directive on building automation


Subjects related to Circular economy:

Supervisor: Jenni Ylä-Mella

  • Critical materials in sustainable energy technologies (review/case study)
  • Waste management (review/case study )
  • Circular economy and resource efficiency
  • Sustainable development and sustainability reviews
  • Assessment of environmental impacts and indicators

Supervisor: Aida Hosseinian

  • Circular economy
  • Criticality Assessment studies  (review/case study)
  • Waste-based nutrients and fertilizers (review/case study)


Themes related to Arctic coastal environments:

Supervisor: Victor Pavlov

  • Ports as hubs for maritime transport
  • Arctic marine environment and shipping
  • Sustainable oil spill response methods