Antonio Calò

PhD (Physics) MSc (Technology)
University Lecturer
Smart grids, distributed energy systems and nuclear energy

Water, Energy and Environmental Engineering
Faculty of Technology

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A physicist by training and first choice of profession, I chose to dedicate the senior part of my professional working life to the field of environmental engineering. I have two master’s degrees (in Physics, with a specialization in Education, and in Environmental Engineering, with a specialization in Energy), a doctorate in Atomic and Molecular Physics.

As university lecturer, my work primary responsibility is teaching and education, complemented with a combination of tasks focusing on research, societal impact, service and pedagogical leadership

Research interests focus on the analysis of smart and distributed energy systems, especially within the context of the northern environmental and climatic conditions; furthermore, taking full advantage of my multidisciplinary background, I am interested on the role nuclear energy could play within a sustainable energy system, in relation to the potential socioeconomic and environmental impacts of the so-called fourth generation nuclear reactors (e.g. SMRs).

My educational work (and passion) engages me at an academic level, with the direct responsibility of a significant share of the group didactic activity, and in a scientific dissemination context, participating in open public events and visiting schools with the scope of raising awareness and elevating the level of public debate.

I am the responsible teacher for the following courses:

Research interests

  • Nuclear Energy
  • Small Modular Reactors (SMRs)
  • Smart Grids
  • Distributed Energy Systems
  • Sustainable Energy Mix
  • Energy
  • Arctic Energy
  • Hydrogen

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90570 Oulu
Entrance V or V1, Taxi station 1

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Faculty of Technology
Water Energy and Environmental Engineering Research Unit
P.O.Box 4300, FI-90014
University of Oulu
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