Contract research services

Your company will benefit from a contract research project. Contract research services can focus, for example, on product development and utilization of novel technologies.

Results for your use

With a contract research project, you get results that benefit your business. You have access to the latest research data as well as university experts and their network. Customer covers the full costs of ordered research, with possible publicly available subsidies from e.g. EU or Business Finland.

The IPR rights of results belong to your company. Note, however, that inventions must be reimbursed to the inventors as required by the Higher Education Inventions Act. Although contract research may not have academic goals, potential publications will be agreed with the subscriber on a case-by-case basis.

What can research services consist of?

  • Research work
  • Utilization of equipment and infrastucture for testing and experiments
  • Research and laboratory services
  • Consultative services of experts
  • Thesis work

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