Co-funded research cooperation

With a co-funded research project, you get new opportunities for your ideas and business! You get access to the latest research data and are part of a big entity that can open up new partnerships and customer relationships.

Joint research collaboration enables future-oriented research in line with your company's strategy. Research may focus, for example, on the development, application and commercialization of new technology.

Future opportunities by sharing risks and costs

Co-funded research is a long-term joint effort aimed at solving the challenges of business and also society. Several different organizations are involved in these projects.

The projects are partly financed, for example, by Business Finland, the Academy of Finland or the EU. The part of funding comes from universities and companies. Research costs and associated risks are shared.

Projects co-financed by the university and the company / companies are also considered as co-funded research collaboration.

In co-financed projects, scientific objectives are central. They are expected to produce both academic results, such as publications, as well as eventual exploitation of the results.

The results will be published taking into account that trade secrets will not be disclosed and patentable results will not be published prematurely.

Terms of commercial utilisation of results is agreed separately. In co-financed projects, companies usually have a priority right to negotiate in order to exploit the results.

Successful cooperation

"We are extremely enthusiastic about the cooperation that has begun and the development opportunities it has opened up", says Joisto Group CTO Jani Partanen.

“PILCCU project is strongly linked to our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions at our Porvoo refinery in order to develop it the most sustainable refinery in Europe by 2030”, says Outi Ervasti, Vice President of Renewable Hydrogen at Neste.

What can co-funded research consist of?

  • Local, national or international research collaboration
  • Utilization of equipment and infrastucture for testing and experiments
  • Research and laboratory services
  • Expert consulting services
  • Thesis work

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