Complementary Study Right

After graduating from your degree programme, your study right in the University of Oulu will end. A student, who has completed a Master’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree with no right to a Master’s degree at the University of Oulu, has the right to apply for a complementary study right.

Applying for a complementary study right

If you wish to complement your knowledge after graduation you can apply for a complementary study right when submitting your application for degree certificate through Peppi's Graduation service. Complementary study right cannot be applied anywhere else. The complementary study right does not give you a right to study for a degree. Complementary study right cannot be applied to studies arranged by Open University.

Complementary study right can be used to

  • complete minor studies that you have received a study right for during your degree studies
  • take courses from freely selectable minor studies offered by the university
  • take other courses available to students with complementary study right.

The complementary study right can be granted on reasonable grounds based on the application and it can contain a maximum of 60 ECTS credits. The application must include the course or courses you wish to take during the complementary study right. When planning the studies, you must also take into account when the courses are offered. Complementary study right is granted within the units’ quotas. Complementary study right application is processed at the Faculty in question and student is informed of it through e-mail.

Complementary study right begins the day following your graduation and lasts two full terms (i.e. one academic year) after the term when you graduated. For example, if your date of graduation is September 22, 2020 the complementary study right will begin on September 23, 2020 and last until December 31, 2021 the latest. You are not able to postpone the start of the complementary study right and you are also not able to apply for an extension to it. Complementary study right is granted by the Education dean.

Student is automatically marked as present at the University at the same time when the study right is registered to Peppi. Compementary study right is added to Peppi as its own separate study right. It is however the student’s responsibility to register to the courses in question. Please note that students with complementary study right are not able to join the Student union. There is no fee for the complementary study right.

After the complementary study right, you can complement your knowledge through other channels at the University of Oulu (such as open university studies or non-degree studies).