New Students | Study Place Confirmation and Registration

All new students admitted to the University of Oulu are required to confirm their study place and register to the University.

Confirmation and Registration

Registering as absent

Registering as an absent student is done by contacting Academic Affairs Service Point. Read more of: registering as absent (new student).

Returning to studies after the first year of absence

If you have confirmed a place to study last Autumn, but you will start your studies in the Spring semester or even in the following Autumn, the registration is done at your personal request in the Academic Affairs Service point of ​​your own Faculty. Instructions for personal (not online) registration can be found here.

To return and attend studies in the middle of the Academic year (Autumn absent, Spring present) may also require enrolling for the implementation of study courses already in December. Your student account is activated in January, so you can request an education assistant (in Academic Affairs Service point) do the implementation enrolment in the same time your annual registration is done.

Activation of the student's user account

The system creates the new student's user account after you have first confirmed your study place and registered to the University. Your user account is created within a week after university registration, however earliest on August 1st. You will receive an e-mail notification once the user account has been created, it will be ready to use only after you have activated it. More information on activation of the student's user account