Excellent opportunity to explore Marketing

Hanna Holappa decided to pursue her master’s in Marketing at the University of Oulu because of the availability of advanced career opportunities in the field of marketing in Oulu.
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My choice - Oulu Business School

Hanna’s previous degree is from the health care sector, and she worked as a practical nurse for a while, back in 2017. After that, she graduated with a bachelor's in business administration and international business (BBA) in the spring of 2021. Upon graduation, she has worked in marketing and sales related tasks in the technology field.

Hanna is born and has lived her whole life in Finland. She moved to Oulu first because of the work and then the studies. The main reason she chose the University of Oulu was that the location is close to her family and friends and because it is in the northern part of Finland. “I’m not eager to move to the south, so this location was the best for me,” Hanna explains.

“I also chose the University of Oulu because of what the programme offers. I didn’t know how sustainability and research related directly to Arctic Attitude,” Hanna states.

“I see that the University of Oulu allows researchers to show their knowledge. The University of Oulu is also one of the world’s northernmost universities that offer several master’s programmes for international students.”

Great programme content

Hanna chose the master’s programme in Marketing because of her interests.

“The programme is special since it contains many courses directly related to marketing and the content of the courses has been excellent.”

“I really liked the course branding management by Teck Ming Tan. It had nice and interesting learning tasks and group works,” Hanna states. She further mentions that Oulu is a great place to explore her major since there are more Marketing jobs in the northern part of Finland and Oulu needs more specialists in the field of Marketing.

So far, it has been a great journey for Hanna with the University of Oulu. “I have enjoyed the study environment on campus and at home. During my free time, I have enjoyed the outdoors with my dog.”

At the moment Hanna is finalizing her internship. After the internship, she will be starting her last year of studies and writing her thesis. “Hopefully, after graduation, I will be able to get a job in the marketing field.”

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