Are you wondering what kind of support the university offers to support your well-being? Come and explore the services of student counselling services as part of the Wellbeing Week's programme!

Find out about student counselling services on your own or with your friends through an orienteering. At the end of the week, there will be a draw for surprise prizes for all those who have taken part!

The university's counselling services support students in their studies, well-being and future planning, regardless of their field of study or year. If you're still not sure what services are available to support students' well-being, join your friends in the Counselling Services orienteering, open 24/7 throughout the Wellbeing Week! Those who take part in the navigation will be entered into a draw for small surprise prizes. 🎁

Instructions for participating in the orienteering:

Ohjeet suunnistukseen osallistumiseen:

  1. The orienteering is open during the Wellness Week from Monday to Friday 20.11.-24.11.
  2. You can take part in the orienteering on your own or with a group of friends.
  3. You can participate with your own phone by going to
  4. If you are participating as a group, join the game with one phone only.
  5. In the "join the game" section you have to enter the game code. It is 39EB7C.
  6. Enter your name or the name of your team and start the game.
  7. Please read the instructions at the beginning carefully. When playing in a group, the person operating the phone can act as a reader for both the instructions and the assignments on each point.
  8. After reading the intro and the instructions, you can press ok.
  9. The Seppo-platform uses gps positioning, so you need to enable the gps tracking in your phone's settings for the duration of the game. If you can't get the gps to work, you can try it on someone else's device.
  10. Nvigate the points marked in grey on the map in the order you want. There are five points in total.
  11. You can see where you are on the map with the help of the gps. The grey dot will turn pink and open up when you are close enough to it.
  12. Read the instructions and the assignment aloud or independently and answer the question. Some of the tasks will ask you to answer in text, video, or multiple choice, for example.
  13. The pink marker on the map will turn green when you have completed the task. You can move on to the next point.
  14. At the point near Foodoo, you can leave your email address or that of one of your team members to attend the raffle.
  15. The game will notify you when you have completed all the tasks. You can close the browser.

Have fun, and remember to be in touch whenever you need support with your studies! More info about the counselling services can be found on the website.

Last updated: 17.11.2023