The board discussed campus matters and the report of the vision working group

In its meeting on January 31, 2023, the Board of Directors of the University of Oulu has discussed the real estate issues of the campuses and the scenarios of the report of the vision working group and the follow-up measures of the report.

The board discussed the facility issues of the Oulu University Teacher Training School based on the review presented and authorised rector Jouko Niinimäki to find out and discuss alternative facility options together with the school.

The campus vision working group presented its final report to the board of the University of Oulu at the campus vision seminar held on December 13, 2022. The working group, which was chaired by Lotta Leinonen, the previous chair of the board of the student union OYY, came up with three different scenarios in the vision work of possible integrated campus solutions for the University of Oulu over the next 25 years. The report of the vision working group is available on the website of the University of Oulu.

In its meeting, the board also marked for information the policy related to the introduction of the new notification channel. In the notification channel, you can anonymously report violations of EU or national regulations related to, for example, public procurement, personal data protection, animal health, security of information systems or environmental protection. The channel is based on the EU's so-called Whistleblower Directive. The notification channel will be introduced at the University of Oulu on March 1, 2023.

The board decided that the effectiveness of the management performance bonus program and the need for updating it will be investigated during spring 2023. The decision to use the program for 2023 will only be made after the report is completed.

Last updated: 3.2.2023