Career Centre opens doors

The Oulu University Career Centre opens doors for all university students, personnel, tutor teachers and groups, for mentors and for company visits and motivational speakers.

To start off our activities, we organize an Open Doors -week from 7th - 9th September 10-14.00; welcome to visit us in YT101 at the heart on Linnanmaa Campus! Our opening hours normally are from Tuesday to Thursday 9-14.00.

The Career Centre is a one-stop career resource that helps you with different aspects of career development and effective career transitions. We help students with many aspects of working life from their day-one at the university to graduation. Our services include job seeking training, but also career planning, individual coaching and helping the students discover who they are and what are their key skills on their way to employability.

We organize a lot of different webinars, workshops, employer drop-ins, share tips for job hunt and traineeship search. You can easily find information about us and our events at
Please check our other services at

To book an individual appointment or a guiding session, please fill in the electronic appointment form on our pages or send email to .

Pop in to meet us during the Open Doors or contact us and we can plan together how to help you!

Last updated: 3.9.2021