Information about study arrangements in the beginning of autumn semester

On this news, you will find information about the arrangements of studies at the beginning of the 2021 autumn semester. The University of Oulu continuously monitors the development of the coronavirus situation. The updated coronavirus instructions can always be found on the University Coronavirus page.

How are the studies organized?

The studies for the autumn semester are planned to be organized as contact teaching, distance learning, multimodal teaching and hybrid teaching. In mass lectures, distance lectures are preferred. The teacher in charge of the course decides on the teaching method on a course basis.

The development of the corona pandemic is constantly monitored and, in terms of studies, preparations are also made for distance learning in all studies. The updated coronavirus instructions can always be found on the University Coronavirus page: The university also recommends to follow the communication on the For students page, Tuudo and email.

Orientation week for new students will take place on campuses and the programme will be updated to the New students pages.

Where can I get information on how the course is organized?

The teacher will inform students about teaching arrangements on a course basis for example through Moodle, WebOodi or e-mail.

How are the exams organised?

The teacher in charge of the course decides on the assessment method and informs the students about them. As a rule, the students´ know-how is evaluated using Exam or alternative assessment methods. If the examination is arranged on campus, the safety instructions are followed.

How is corona security considered in campus teaching?

The given safety instructions must be followed in contact teaching. Too many participants in the same classroom should be avoided. When teaching is held on the university premises, face masks should be used. Face masks or other protective equipment required by the situation will be shared for students. In mass lectures, distance lectures are preferred.

How can I, by my own behavior, make the study environment safe?

Every member of our university community can behave responsibly and make the study and working environment safety for oneself and others. The University of Oulu recommends vaccination against coronavirus for students and staff.

On campuses, everyone must follow common safety guidelines:

  • It is not allowed to enter the campuses if you are ill or suspect coronavirus infection. If you get symptoms, stay at home and get tested for coronavirus.
  • Avoid near contacts.
  • Maintain good hand hygiene.
  • A face mask is recommended on the university premises at least in situations where it is difficult to avoid close contact, and always in contact teaching.
  • Download the Koronavilkku app.
  • If you are in a risk group, follow the guidelines provided by health care.

How is the university open? Can I study on campuses independently?

Students can study on campuses independently, as long as they follow safety guidelines. Check the opining hours here. At other times, students can access to campuses with their 24/7 access card.

Check also library services during the coronavirus situation.

Information about opening hours of the campus restaurants can be found on restaurants' homepages.

I’m struggling with my studies. What kind of support is available?

In the questions related to your field of study and personal study plan (PSP) the guidance is offered primarily by the programme coordinator or tutor teacher in your study programme.

Exchange students can seek assistance from their International Coordinator.

When you need guidance regarding, for example, the degree structure, completing the degree, the recognition of prior learning, or international student exchange, Academic Affairs Service Team can help you.

Advising for an individual course is provided by the course teacher.

Career counselling and employability services help students in all matters related to career planning, job seeking and employability development. Career counselling services helps you also in reflecting your future and your studies, and supports in understanding and recognising your strengths.

The Study Psychologists offer special guidance and counselling in questions related to learning, studying, life management and well-being.

More information about the counselling services

Last updated: 25.8.2021