Languages and communication becomes Lingua

As of 1.1.2024, Languages and Communication of the University of Oulu will become the Centre for Languages and Communication Lingua. Language and communication studies have been offered since 2012 as part of the Extension School, which will cease operations at the turn of the year. In the future, Lingua will operate as a service unit, whose task is to produce language and communication studies for all faculties and staff of the university. The unit's basic mission and services will thus remain unchanged.

As of the turn of the year, the staff of Lingua will include 48 language and communication teachers as well as Education Manager Elina Palola and Director Jaana Isohätälä. Isohätälä says that the staff is satisfied with the change.

"We are happy that our unit will once again operate as an independent language centre of the University of Oulu. A clear organisational model supports cooperation within the university and with stakeholders. The structure corresponds to the organisation of language centres in most Finnish universities."

The Centre for Languages and Communication Lingua organises degree-specific and elective language courses in all degree programmes of the university. Eight languages are taught: Finnish, Swedish, English, German, French, Ukrainian, Russian and Japanese. The purpose of language and communication studies is to develop students' language and communication skills for life, studies and work, and to support the university's multilingualism and multiculturalism.

In addition to undergraduate studies, Lingua organises language and communication courses for university staff and clients outside the university. Lingua's courses are also taught as open university studies at Finnish summer universities, where Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic and Chinese are offered in addition to the above-mentioned languages.

Last updated: 28.11.2023