Let's create a better operating culture – answer the survey by 19 October

The University of Oulu invites students and staff to respond to a survey that considers what constitutes a good operating culture. The survey has been sent to students and staff by e-mail, and you can answer by 19 October 4 pm.

In the spring 2023, the University of Oulu started the Code of Conduct project for defining our ethical guidelines and principles. With our ethical guidelines, we clarify our internal guidelines for staff and students, expectations for our behavior in everyday situations, and compile the rules and regulations that apply to us.

The co-development of ethical guidelines takes place in two stages. In the first phase between 9-19 October, community members can share their thoughts by answering three questions in the survey:

  1. Thought Experiment: Overnight, a miracle has occurred, and the University of Oulu's operational culture is approaching perfection. What concrete changes do you observe during the week?
  2. What aspects of our current operational culture need improvement from your perspective? What could be better (values, practices, behaviors)?
  3. In what specific ways can we promote a more collaborative and respectful operational culture?

Answer links can be found in the email sent on 16 October, entitled "Tervetuloa kehittämään eettisiä toimintaperiaatteita - Welcome to co-create the Code of Conduct for the University of Oulu".

The first email on 9 October is entitled "Luodaan Oulun yliopistoon yhdessä parempaa toimintakulttuuria – osallistu yhteiskehittämiseen/Let's create a better organizational culture at the University of Oulu – participate in co-creation together".

In the second phase between 20 October and 1 November, the community members have the opportunity to view and weight the contributions made by others.

Thank you for your input in advance!

More information: tero.vedenjuoksu@oulu.fi

Last updated: 16.10.2023