Let's create a better operating culture at the University of Oulu together

Participate and help us in the two-phase joint development project from 9 October to 1 November 2023. At the University of Oulu, we want to develop our operating culture together. Are you in?

We invite the entire community (staff, students and also our important external stakeholders) between October 9, 2023 and November 1, 2023, based on volunteerism and personal interest, to create prioritized community wisdom regarding the ideal state and current state of our operating culture. You will receive a separate invitation for cooperation.

In the spring 2023, the University of Oulu has started the Code of Conduct project for defining our ethical guidelines and principles. With our ethical guidelines, we clarify our internal guidelines for staff and students, expectations for our behavior in everyday situations, and compile the rules and regulations that apply to us.

Co-development takes place in two stages. In the first phase, community members have the opportunity to produce their own crystallized thoughts for three questions, one thought at a time. In the second step, the community members organize the long answer lists using the "forced pairwise comparison" method into an easy-to-read report format. The method is an effective way to organize a large number of qualitative and diverse ideas into prioritized lists.

Utilization of the prioritized result takes place immediately. Our Code of Conduct project group will meet for the result on November 3, 2023. We look forward to the report prepared by the community in a transparent and equal manner.

Last updated: 4.10.2023