A new degree programme in Biomedical Engineering will begin at the University of Oulu in autumn 2024

The University of Oulu has long conducted research in the field of biomedical engineering, which has also produced new health technology products for commercial sale. Based on the competence gained, the university will begin a new degree programme in Biomedical Engineering in autumn 2024.

The technology industry is Finland's largest export sector, and the digitalisation of health care and social welfare and health care reform is expected to further increase the need for competent experts. It is estimated that Masters of Science (Technology) graduating from the new degree programme will serve in expert positions, especially in industry, but also in the research and health care sectors and public administration.

"Biomedical engineering is a traditional and multidisciplinary field that combines technology, medicine and natural sciences to promote human health and well-being. Industry in the field often uses the term ‘health technology’. In order to develop health technology products, it is not enough to only master the technological tools - you also have to have an understanding of human anatomy and physiology so that the products can be developed as precisely and reliably as possible. This is why our degree programme combines studies in the fields of technology and health, with an emphasis on technology and its application in measuring health and health technology systems," explains Professor Tapio Seppänen of the University of Oulu. Seppänen has worked in the field for a long time.

In the new degree programme in medicine, students first complete three years of Finnish-taught Bachelor's studies and then two years of Master's studies. The studies offer a wide-ranging combination of information, measurement, software and telecommunications technologies applied in health technology, imaging methods, biomedicine and natural sciences.

As the studies progress, the student can choose the most interesting study path, including medical data analysis, biomedical materials and imaging, and the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT).

"The degree programme in Biomedical Engineering has also been launched in other Finnish higher education institutions, as the number of companies in the health technology sector is increasing rapidly and technology exports are among the largest in high-tech exports. This also means that there are plenty of jobs to be found, from start-ups to companies that are global market leaders. The degree provides skills for working in industries that are growing strongly in Finland and abroad," explains Seppänen.

The application period for Bachelor's degree programme (in Finnish) is March 2024 and for the Master's degree programme (in English) in January 2024.

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Last updated: 3.10.2023