Old churches, graves, and findings – Welcome to a historical church tour!

Experience the cultural history of the Oulu region! During the excursion, we will get to know three old churches and the secrets they hold within.
Group of explorers in nature

The University of Oulu supports the University community members to create all-new events and try-outs.

One of these new, open-to-all event concepts is the Cultural-historical excursion. The idea came from students in the archaeological field. They wanted to open doors to the fascinating world of archaeology to anyone interested. Oulu region provides a rich historical range of destinations for an excursion like this.

The tour is open to all and completely free of charge. The bus tour will include three historical sites: Haukipudas Church, Oulu Cathedral and the old church of Kempele. The tour is guided by three archaeological experts from UniOulu.

Registration for the tour is now open! Read more about the event and join us in exploring the hidden history of Oulu region!

Towards the autumn, we have more new activities launching from within the community. For instance, in August-September, a new film club will launch its monthly meetings. Stay tuned to the students' news feed to find out more and join our activities!

Last updated: 14.8.2023