Peppi opens 22.11.

Students should take into consideration the effects of the service break in regards to their studies.

Use of Oodi student and study register (WebOodi and WinOodi) will end at the University of Oulu and we will start using Peppi system. With Peppi the University will receive a modern tool that includes many functions and add-ons that help make both students’ and staff’s work easier. Peppi replaces several of our current systems and combines services into one system.

Peppi for students opens on 22.11. It combines several services to one system: study rights, study plans, grades, registrations, feedback, recognition of learning and different reports. Also graduation related application for a degree will be submitted using Peppi.

Use of both Oodi and OSAT systems will end after we start using Peppi. Please note that both Oodi and OSAT systems close for student use already some weeks before Peppi opens. If you are planning to graduate during the service break, your graduation will be recorded and diploma delivered after the service break. Make sure to contact your Academic Affairs Service Team in advance.

Autumn 2021 important dates

  • Last day OSAT system is open for students is 19.9. (last day before the service break to submit recognition of learning or degree certificate application, or order a study certificate)
  • Last day Oodi system is open 19.10.
  • Service break in systems is 20.10. - 21.11., during which e.g. you will not be able to
    • register for teaching or general exams
    • print a transcript of records
  • Peppi for students opens on 22.11.
  • Registration for Spring term teaching and general exams starts on 1.12, in Peppi and in Tuudo.

Timetables and the digital student card are available in Tuudo as usual. Also the digital library card is available normally. E-exam service is also available during the service break.

See Peppi system page for more information on the service break and its effects.

Last updated: 6.9.2021