Peppi will replace Oodi in Autumn

Please note the service break’s effects on your studies.

Using Oodi Student and Study registry (WebOodi and WinOodi) ends at the last months of 2021 at the University of Oulu, and we start using Peppi system. Along with Peppi system and service development, the students receive a modern tool that has many functions and plugin services making everyday life easier. Peppi replaces several current systems and combines functions under the same service.

At the end of 2021 we will start using Peppi Student’s desktop. From this desktop students can see for example their own PSPs, study attainments and can register for studies. On Peppi Study guide, you can already find curriculums and teaching times and places.

As we start using Peppi, some practices and processes are expected to change. Peppi user guides will be published as the work progresses. Trainings will be organised throughout the year according to varying themes and target groups.

Notice the service break especially if you plan to graduate at the end of the year 2021

During autumn 2021, there will be a service break when Oodi is changed to read-only mode and before Peppi implemention is finalised. The estimated service break between study registries is about 3-5 weeks, taking place in October-December. The exact dates and effects of this service break will be specified during spring 2021.

During the break, teaching and studying will take place as normal. During the service break there are functions that are not available, but that can be done either in advance or right after Peppi desktops open, e.g.

  • Graduation
  • Course registration
  • Changes to study rights
  • Registering study attainments and recognitions of learning
  • Study documents: certificate of student status, degree certificate, transcript* etc.

*During service break you can check and share your completed studies from My Studyinfo service.

Detailed instructions for the functions listed above will be published as the implementation proceeds. In particular, students who are planning to graduate autumn 2021 should carefully follow all information on Peppi implementation and prepare for e.g. to apply for a degree certificate well in time in the autumn term before the service break (according to different degree requirements) in OSAT, or right after when Peppi desktops open.

Changing from Oodi to Peppi may have effects to other systems as well, especially during autumn term. Information about the effects will be given as soon as they are known.

If you need support in planning your studies, please contact your own faculty Academic Affairs Service Team.

Last updated: 15.4.2021