Remember the rules of use when using the library's e-materials

When using electronic resources provided by the library, such as e-books, e-journals and databases, users must abide by the terms and conditions of the individual resource and the University of Oulu rules of IT service use.

The terms and conditions related to the individual resources determine the use of e-resources. There is a separate summary of the terms and conditions for the FinELib resources.

If e-material service providers detect activity that violates their terms of use, they may prevent the user from accessing that material in the future. During this early autumn, several violations of the terms of use have already occurred (e.g. mass printing of pdf files), due to which users have had to be prevented.

General terms and conditions of the e-resources of Oulu University Library

You are allowed to

  • browse and perform searches
  • print out or save search results in moderation for your own study and research (for non-commercial purposes)
  • print out or save individual articles or parts of text in moderation
  • send via e-mail, or as a hardcopy, individual articles to another individual for personal use in the spirit of academic communication

You are not allowed to

  • use the resource, or parts of it, for commercial purposes
  • distribute, sell or adapt the resource, neither produce derivative works nor pass on the material to anyone other than an individual with the right to have access to it
  • remove or alter the names of the authors of the material or the publisher’s copyright markings, nor any other identification data and restrictions
  • use data mining programmes
  • systematically copy or print material, nor republish the material in some other form

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Last updated: 10.9.2021