The results of Finnish Bachelor’s Graduate Survey 2021 have been published.

The Kandipalaute – Finnish Bachelor’s Graduate Survey is a national university student feedback survey that examines students’ satisfaction with their university and studying experience. The results of the Kandipalaute survey 2021 have been published. The University of Oulu warmly thanks all the students who responded to the survey.

In 2021, a total of 1153 students of the University of Oulu responded to the Finnish Bachelor’s Graduate Survey. The response rate at the University of Oulu was 91,1 % in 2021, while the average of the Finnish universities was 84 %. Responding to the survey is linked to the graduation process, i.e students who have completed a Bachelor’s degree respond to the survey on an individual schedule when they apply for their degree certificate. The result report presents the results as averages of the answers to the questions, i.e. the best result is 5 points and the lowest result is 1.

At the whole university level, the students gave the best assessments to the following statements: “I feel good at my university” (4,03), “In problem situations, I have found a person from whom I have been able to ask for advice if needed” (4,02) and “The teaching has been, to a large extent, of good quality” (3,93). The University of Oulu received the weakest assessments from its students for the following statements: “The feedback I receive from teachers has helped me in my studies” (3,29) and “There has been sufficient guidance available for the organisation of my studies” (3,43). The most expressed wishes from students in the open answers to the survey were that there should be more diverse feedback on studies, that studies should include more practical training, and that more study guidance should be available.

As regards the questions connected to the funding model, the average for all 13 Finnish universities is 3.73, compared to 3.76 at the University of Oulu. In the comparison between universities, the University of Oulu ranks 9th. The students gave the best assessments from among the faculties of the University of Oulu to the Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Technology, and Faculty of Science. The students gave the best assessments from among the degree programmes, to the Degree Programme in Chemistry, the Degree Programme in Logopedics, and the Degree Programme in Industrial Engineering and Management.

The results of the Finnish Bachelor’s Graduate Survey have been discussed at the meetings of the Education Management Group on March 23, 2022. The results will be discussed by the Education Committees of the faculties by the end of May.

Kandipalaute survey reports are available in the service.

More information about the Kandipalaute survey can be found on the website.

Last updated: 4.4.2022