The strategy update of the University of Oulu is progressing

During the autumn, different parts of our community have gathered to discuss the strategy with staff and students. The events have been carried out as workshops and discussion sessions. Work is currently underway to edit the contents of the strategy and the intention is that a one-page strategy brochure will be completed for all faculties, focus institutes and regional units during the end of the year.

At the university level, the strategy update has been discussed, for example, at Strategy coffee, at the Board of Directors strategy meeting, at a meeting of the University Advisory Board, and at a strategy workshop on education. Strategy coffee on 12 October featured lively discussion about, for example, the proactive and continuous strategy work approach in strategy work and common cross-cutting themes as a possible new element of strategy. In its October meeting, the University Advisory Board highlighted key drivers of change arising from the operating environment. Themes related to the climate crisis and planetary sustainability and the strong green transition RDI investments linked to it as an opportunity for the university emerged strongly. In addition, the attractiveness of the Oulu region and the University, combined with the declining age groups over the next 10-15 years, sparked a lot of discussion.

The next strategy coffee event open to the whole community will be held at Kontinkangas Stage on 9 November from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. The work and preparation of strategy materials will proceed during October and November in different parts of the university so that the updating work will be completed on 27 November. The Board of Directors of the University of Oulu will continue the discussion on the strategy update at the turn of November-December and decide on the strategy at the December meeting.

Additional information and materials related to the strategy update will be added to staff intranet Patio's strategy website as the work progresses. Students have access to the page with University IDs. The websites now also contain an overview of the previous strategies of the University of Oulu over a period of 20–30 years.

The strategy update is coordinated by the Unit for Strategy and Science Policy (STY). The contact persons are Development Director Johanna Bluemink (tel. 050 3709505), Head of Planning Juha Mönkkönen (tel. 040 6749474) and Strategy Officer Mari Katvala (tel. 050 4661594).

Strategy of the University of Oulu

Last updated: 1.11.2023