Process Metallurgy

Process metallurgy research unit focuses on pyrometallurgical metal production and other high temperature processes with main emphasis on the production of iron, steel and ferroalloys. Research is executed in close co-operation with the metallurgical industry. At the moment, the key areas of research are circular economy and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in metal production by hydrogen reduction, electrified processes and biofuels. The learning outcomes of the metallurgical education include methodological skills needed in the research and development related to metallurgical processes. This means application of experimental, analytical and simulation tools when studying metal production as well as auxiliary processes.
Prosessimetallurgian tutkimusryhmän ryhmäkuva, joulukuu 2019.


The research activities of the unit are based on the understanding of reactions, reaction kinetics, thermodynamics and mass and heat transfer phenomena in high-temperature processes. The research made by unit covers the most relevant high temperature phenomena occurring steelmaking process chain from raw materials handling to casted steel slabs.


Metallurgical education is tightly connected with metallurgical research and hence its focus is on the methodological skills (experiments, analyses, modelling) needed in the R&D of metallurgical processes. More detailed information about our courses is available in the Moodle. You can also contact Eetu-Pekka Heikkinen for more details about our education.

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