Catalytic Slurry Hydrotreatment


The CaSH project is a Business Finland co-funded project lined to Neste Veturi Ecosystem. The project is a joint undertaking involving three research institutions and several industrial partners.


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Business Finland
Fortum Recycling & Waste
Savon Voima
BMH Technology
ESL Shipping
VG Shipping

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The project aims at aims at providing scientific foundations for the novel low-carbon value chains in Finland, biomass processing and bio oil production, catalytic bio oil upgrading, production and use of bio fuels and chemicals, process development and catalyst recovery.

The project is coordinated by VTT and is part of the Neste Veturi ecosystem. Collaborating research institutes of the project are VTT, Åbo Akademi and University of Oulu. Industrial partners consist of Neste, Fortum Recycling & Waste, Valmet, Savon Voima, BMH Technology, ESL Shipping, Meriaura and VG Shipping.

Chemical Process Engineering research unit of University of Oulu focuses on the recovery of valuable catalytic materials (Chemical and Biochemical conversion research group) and on the process synthesis, conceptual process design and process simulation activities (Process Modelling and Synthesis research group) within the project.