Early prediction and prevention of developmental language disorder


DLD-Global-Oulu investigates the early risk and protective factors for DLD with machine learning and network analysis in large longitudinal cohorts. The research groups include researchers from the Universities of Oulu, Eastern Finland, Newcastle, Melbourne, and South Florida as well as the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.
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Spearhead project of the Eudaimonia Institute

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University of Oulu

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  • Professor, Director of the Child Language Research Center

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Language is the principal means of human communication; acquiring this skill is one of the most essential achievements for preschool children. Children with developmental language disorder (DLD) have difficulties with language development without any known cause. DLD interferes with the child's ability to form relationships and engage in learning. It has consequences into adulthood, negatively affecting academic achievement, employment, and mental health. Still, the basis for effective preventative intervention is mainly unknown. DLD-Global-Oulu uses machine learning and network analysis to identify the children at risk of DLD and the factors for early preventative intervention. The aim is to enable the good communicative development of these children and set them for success later in life.