SchoolWell - Future School of Comprehensive Well-Being


Future School of Comprehensive Well-Being (SchoolWell) is a multidisciplinary consortium funded by the Strategic Research Council (SRC) established within the Academy of Finland.


Project information

Project duration


Funded by

Research Council of Finland - Strategic Research Programme

Project coordinator

University of Helsinki

Project description

SchoolWell presents high impact ground-breaking multidisciplinary research in children’s and youths’ comprehensive wellbeing and means to cultivate it at school. Our essential goal is to influence on the heart of the Finnish comprehensive school, the every day pedagogical action, and to create solutions to support comprehensive wellbeing and learning, together with the children, youth and the adults working with them.

Coordinator: University of Helsinki

Other partners:

  1. University of Oulu
  2. University of Jyväskylä

  3. University of Eastern Finland

  4. Tampere University

  5. Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences

Contact information

Project co-leaders: Mika Niemelä, Marko Kantomaa

Mika Niemelä, professor of practice, Research Unit of Population Health,;

Marko Kantomaa, senior research fellow, Research Unit of Population Health,