Smart Arctic National Parks: Digitization of Waste and Water Management (WWM) Systems in National Parks and Nature Reserves Cross-Border


Project addressed the common challenge of weakened sustainability of living, work, tourism and recreational environment in two Arctic National Parks: Vodlozersky National Park (NP) and Pasvik State Nature Reserve (SNR). The aim was to modernise waste and water management systems in national parks with the help of digitization - this included sharing of best practices and testing these on spot.


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Kolarctic CBC 2014-2020 Programme

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University of Oulu

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  • Alexey Shveykovskiy

Project description

The central aim of the project was to study and propose changes, how national parks could with new IoT technologies modernize their existing conventional waste and water management (WWM) infrastructures. The national parks in Russia have not kept up with the technological changes, that have been employed in Finnish national parks, and the parks’ WWM infrastructures are in need of an update to 21st century. The aim is to empower the administration and staff of the parks, but also WWM contractors and providers, about the possibilities of these solutions. Local inhabitants and visitors will also gain better understanding of the positive environmental impacts of these technologies.

Project actions

The project has put together a roadmap for digititalization and visibility of the Arctic parks’ WWM system and their environmental impact. This forms a concrete action plan for the participating national parks. The next step was to study closer, how the digitalization of the WWM systems could be implemented in each park. This included some pilot testing, including setting up of a digital Infographic Ecomap. These main activities were supplemented with extensive visibility and dissemination tasks.

Project results

The main outcome of the project was the setting up of the Ecomap, which includes both public map and a more detailed version for professional use. The map includes 11 elements of the Smart/IoT WWM System (3 elements more, than the Targeted Value) in two territories (Kuganavolok village and Vodlozersky Educational and Administrative Center). The map can be accessed at (account name and password “ecomap”).