Smart RDI environment for digital solutions in health and well-being


The project created a Smart R&D environment for health and well-being services within the OuluHealth ecosystem, aptly named Oulu DataLab. This initiative accelerates the rapid development of digital solutions and the adoption of data-driven methods and solutions. The services offered contribute to sustainable digitalization and expedite the region’s recovery from the pandemic.


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European Structural and Investment Funds - European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

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Council of Oulu Region
City of Oulu

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574 055 EUR

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University of Oulu

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The need for digital development has been emphasized in the health and well-being sector during the pandemic. To achieve a carbon-neutral society, investment in health and well-being innovation is essential. The Smart RDI initiative for developing digital well-being and health solutions, known as Äly-TKI, accelerated the digitalization of the region’s health sector.

In this collaborative project involving OuluHealth stakeholders, a significant leap forward was made in digital development and the utilization of data opportunities within health and well-being innovation. The project gave birth to an entirely new innovation platform: Oulu DataLab, a development environment that provides a unique and secure R&D space for health service development, testing, and innovation collaboration. The platform specifically enhanced the development, experimentation, and piloting of novel data solutions, while also advancing digitalization efforts for both businesses and the public sector. Simultaneously, it bolstered the region’s data expertise and established a service-oriented model to foster data collaboration. The platform caters to the development needs of digital technologies, wireless solutions, virtual and mobile applications, and data analytics.

The Äly-TKI initiative was part of a broader regional development trajectory, contributing to post-pandemic recovery by creating new opportunities for innovation and data utilization across various stakeholders and businesses.

The project was funded as part of the European Union’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic from REACT EU funding through the Council of Oulu Region from the Structural Development Funding of Finland. The development money of the city of Oulu also funded the project.

Project results

The Smart RDI innovation platform, which focuses on enhancing data collaboration, gave rise to three entirely novel services. These services continue to be accessible even after the project’s conclusion. These services provide added value, with data experts supporting the development of innovative data-driven solutions. The services are aimed at early-stage work and development of data solutions, benefiting companies, research and educational organizations, as well as health and well-being service providers. To facilitate data services and collaboration, a cloud server was procured, and the waste heat generated from its operation was efficiently utilized in Oulu VTT’s building. Additionally, the project implemented a Simulated Data service, enabling the use of simulated health and well-being data for development and educational purposes. This service has also been integrated into the OuluHealth Labs service portfolio.

Through the experiments conducted during the project, concrete results and implementation options were obtained for leveraging data produced by business solutions. The focus on data-related development promotes well-being by accelerating the development of proactive, preventive, and personalized health and well-being services, improving their accessibility. The collaborative solutions created not only supported digitalization efforts in businesses and the public sector but also elevated data-related innovation to a new level, offering sustainable impacts for the region’s health and well-being sector.

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