SUSEN- Knowledge and networking platform for sustainable electronics based on northern bioresources

The SUSEN project, co-funded by the Interreg Aurora programme of the European Union, focuses on sustainable electronics in which the major materials, i.e. plastics and metals, are replaced with their renewable counterparts.


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European Structural and Investment Funds - INTERREG

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1 086 182 EUR

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University of Oulu

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To replace plastics and metals, biocarbons are merged with cellulosic substrates, both of which are derived from northern bioresources, to create disposable electronic devices such as antenna sensors, reflecting surfaces and wearables. They are widely used in northern industrial and consumer electronics sectors and ICT, and valorization of celluloses represent key scientific and industrial competence areas in Northern region.

The aim of the SUSEN project is to promote knowledge, networking and joint-actions in cross-border research and innovation, and industrial activities related to green electronic materials, components and applications by combining unique regional expertise of University of Oulu, Luleå University of Technology and various northern companies. The project merges the goals of green transition and digitalization to create new value chains relying on sustainable use of northern bioresources. Especially, the SUSEN project will focus on

1) Providing knowledge on the feasibility of northern bioresources in sustainable electronics
2) Developing manufacturing and performance of materials and components in sustainable electronics
3) Promoting interaction between research institutes and companies to understand the practical constrains and requirements of sustainable electronics
4) Facilitating the exploitation of cross-sectorial research outcomes and uptake of new technologies and concepts related sustainable electronics.

244th ECS Meeting in Gothenburg - Activated Carbon Nanofiber Sheets Derived from Electrospun Lignin: PVA Blend for Flexible Supercapacitors

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Collaboration network

VTT (Oulu, Finland)

Nokia (Oulu, Finland)

ETC Rise (Piteå, Sweden)

Tactotek (Oulu, Finland)

Brightplus (Oulu, Finland)