A water-energy-food nexus assessment of climate change impacts on biomass and hydropower resources


WATNEX project is aimed at developing new approaches for assessment of climate change impacts on natural resources of Nordic River. The key foci of the project are the interconnections of various nexus components, the tradeoff of natural resources between these systems, the effects of climate change on these interconnections, and the emerging future scenario for the nexus in the Nordic regions.
Raudalsvatnet – Headwater Reservoir in Otta River Basin-Norway

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Norges forskningsråd/ The Research Council of Norway

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Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research

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The WatNEX project aims to develop methods to assess impacts of climate change on water resources in river basins considering “in parallel” changes accruing in energy and biomass sectors. This complex and integrated

management scheme is often referred to as Water-Energy-Food (WEF) or Climate-Land-Energy-Water (CLEW) Nexus. Understanding and developing methods to analyse and manage this “sectorial integration” is

a major scientific challenge in water resources research.

The WatNEX project aims to:

1) improve the understanding of Climate-Water-Energy-Food interactions,

2) develop integrated modelling approaches to assess complex WEF-interactions and climate change impacts in river basins,

3) assess impacts of climate change and future land use and energy scenarios on water resources and

4) recommend sustainable management of water, energy and bioeconomic resources in Norway.