Wearable Lab-in-a-watch Optical Sensor for Non-invasive Sweat Diagnosis

Dr. Jian-An Huang (PI), Prof. Caglar Elbuken and Prof. Seppo Vainio are funded by Finnish Research Impact Foundation to develop a wearable lab-in-a-watch optical sensor with Polar Electro Oy for non-invasive, label-free and real-time monitoring of sweat glucoses on human skin.

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Finnish Research Impact Foundation

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189 346 EUR

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University of Oulu

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Wearable non-invasive molecular sensing technology will be an essential part for future personalized medicine. Current non-invasive wearable devices monitor heart rate and other physical, kinetic values such as temperature and body gestures, steps and location. It would be of tremendous added value if they could identify and quantify health factors that take part in control of human physiology, such as sweat glucose molecules that reflects blood glucose level [1]. Failure to control blood glucose increases Body Mass Index, resulting in tremendous health risks in current society.

This project aims to develop a wearable optical sensor on skin by integrating an electro-plasmonic chip [2] into an optical watch that together allows controllable sweat stimulation and on-watch continuous detection of the sweat glucose. When fully implemented, we may explore integration of an portable Raman spectrometer into the chip to detect other sweat biomarkers such as extracellular vesicles [3].


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